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       Turpan Sun Raisins Processing Co., Ltd. Found in June, 2006, located in Turpan downtown near 312 State Road . mainly engaged in purchasing , processing and selling raisin materials. At present we established sales office in Beijing, Guangzhou, Anhui, Jiangsu, Shaanxi, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Hebei, etc., relies Turpan raisins, dried cantaloupe and other resources to develop industries with local characteristics. Operating items: fruit products (fruit dried products) processing and sales, purchase and sales of edible agricultural products, goods and technology import and export business. Main products: red raisins, black raisins, yellow raisins, green raisins, raisins and other products. We have working capital more than RMB 6,000,000, annual production capacity of more than 3,000 tons,  and the working staff (seasonal workers) over 380 (30% among ethnic minority people, 106 technical people). Process for the production of various raisins strict supervision of product quality, raisins cleaning rate, removing stone rate in mainland China reached U.S. equivalent standard level. We have obtained QS production license certification, foreign trade right to operate independently in order to place a unique and high-quality products to win market. 6 million RMB in fixed assets, covers an area of 50,000 square meters, construction area of 40,000 square meters, is expected to reach 6,000 tons production scale of operation. We transport our products by air, rail, trucks. Raisins deep processing projects main content expansion 6000 tons / year refining raisin processing projects. We are looking for professional dealers, investors in the world in bakery industry, cold sector, catering industry to sell our raisin products.

To improve the production capacity and product quality, on machinery and equipment for raisins, mainly relying on science and technology to Start transformation and innovation. Major equipment: removing dust machine, removing  stem machine, removing stone machine, dip tank, centrifuges, drying systems and oiling machines, screening grading machine, Spray Machine, etc. 3 sets of production line use nuclear two-color sorting machine (color sx-d-256 color sorter), including  metal detector, removing stem machine, removing stone machine, soaking machine, centrifuge, drying system, oiling machine, fog oil machine, Screening grading machine, injection oil machine, quantitative packing system, the weight proportion of machine, the size grading machine, etc. To form of a high degree of mechanization, standardization of product quality and stability of production and operation mode. Now we have established sales offices in nine provinces in China.

From the initial raw material control, does not allow impurities in the finished product appeared, each batch of finished product raisins tested by our QC department, more than 95% pass testing. Raisins from roughing to finishing workshop , we have strict quality system certification in accordance with the requirements of production, strict supervision of the quality control of the production process to make raisins cleaning rate in mainland China and the United States reached an equivalent standard level, that pass rate more than 95%; our implementation of national standards, more perfect Sun Branded standards, the production and operation of rapid and stable development track toward standardization

Main products:

red raisins (red seedless raisins, pearl red raisins, burgundy raisins, flame red raisins, rose red raisins,  wheat red raisins);

Green raisins (green pearl raisins, emerald green raisins, agate green raisins, wheat green raisins)

Black raisins (black currant raisins, daisy black raisins, Chi Zhu Xia black raisins, pearl black raisins, rose black raisins)

Yellow raisins (pearl yellow raisins, golden raisins, dark orange raisins)

Others: Cumin, apricots, almonds, walnuts, jujube, mulberry, etc.